Laggan Community Association (LCA)

The initial idea to establish a Community Association was discussed as far back as 1972. L.C.A. was formally established in 1974 and constituted in 1978 to give recognition to the population, other than that provided by the District Council.  Membership is free and open to all Laggan residents who are encouraged to attend meetings and to vote. Committee members are elected annually. It meets every second month, and has charitable status.

The Association has also initiated a variety of projects. In 1979, it began work lobbying for better television reception for Laggan, ending in erecting and maintaining it's own relay station at the pictish fort of Dun da Lamh in Strathmashie Forest when no help was forthcoming.


L.C.A. also established a number of subcommittees to deal with specific initiatives including the future of Strathmashie Forest (Laggan Forestry Initiative, now Laggan Forest Trust).

L.C.A. was fundamental in the establishment of Laggan Community Trading Company Ltd., in 1984.