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An important message re Covid 19 from the Minister - 25th March 2020 update. 

Worship services in Laggan and Newtonmore are suspended for the time being. There will be worship materials on the church website every Sunday - see below.

We are sorry that the church buildings in both Laggan and Newtonmore have also been advised to be closed for the foreseeable future and we hope that this situation will be remedied soon.

In the circumstances where there is the need to have a funeral - and we sincerely hope not - we can still do that. We would however currently need to ask for those attending to be only close family. The minister will also be in touch directly with those who have weddings planned in the next few months.

Please feel free to contact the minister by phone 01540 673238 or e-mail noted below.

COVID HELP - During this time there are a team of volunteers happy to help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, dog walking etc. Please call 01540 372102 

The present Parish Church in Laggan was built in 1785 and the Duke of Gordon acted as patron. The Minister at the time was Rev. James Grant and the manse was the house at Gaskbeg Farm and he was allowed £20 in lieu of a manse and his stipend was £70. It was however his wife Mrs Anne Grant who is celebrated and remembered for her writings especially "Letters from the Mountains". Her comments reveal the nature of life in the Highlands at the end of the eighteenth century.

In the 1800's there was a fire in the church and the interior was rebuilt as it is today. The pine was taken from local forests and the eight pine pillars that hold up the roof are reputed to be unique. The high pulpit and Precentors pulpit below are very distinctive. This put the minister on the same level as the local Lairds, whose pews were upstairs In the gallery, Cluny Macphersons facing the pulpit and Glentruim on the left hand side. It is interesting to note the width of the seats, how they diminish towards the back, where it was standing room only for the coachmen. The stained glass window was also put in at this time.

A minister of note was the Rev. Neil Ross who was the minister from 1923 until his death in 1943. Dr Ross was a famous Gaelic and Celtic scholar and was created a C.B.E. in 1938 The organ was donated by Andrew Carnegie in 1911, The church is very active today, its members taking part in all facets of community life.

From Sunday APril 28th 2019, Services are held every Sunday at 09.30am and the minister the Rev. Catherine Buchan resides at the manse in Newtonmore, contact information above.

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