Sunday 8th November at 1000 - from Catherine Buchan, Minister Laggan and Newtonmore Church of Scotland.

On behalf of the community, the Church will be holding a brief service of remembrance at Laggan war memorial. In these difficult times, we are advised that large groups should NOT gather, but anyone who feels a strong desire to attend will be made welcome.

Your contact details will have to be taken lest any tracking and tracing becomes necessary, and everyone will need to stand at least 2 metres apart, and remain at such a distance throughout, including afterwards.

Wreaths from organisations will be laid, but individual tributes should be brought at a different time.

While no one will be turned away, it is hoped that for some the knowledge that such an act is being done on your behalf might be enough for this year.

Sunday 31st October (1900) to 16th November 2020 (0700) inclusive

A889 - full road closure at the Road Bridge over the railway just north of Dalwhinnie Distillery. See consultation letter below for details and intended diversion routes. Local Access is to be maintained.

Monday 16th November - at 1900 - next Laggan Community Council Meeting. To be held on-line via Zoom. To attend and pre-register please contact 

Please notify of any community events being planned.