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If you wish to receive e-mails from the Community Council about events, meetings and news from Laggan, please send your e-mail contact details to All contact details will be held in accordance with data protection legislation.

Next Meeting - Community Council Meeting - Monday 21st  October at 1830 - Laggan Village Hall

Laggan Community Survey June 2019 - Community Action Plan - details published below

A series of actionable themes emerged.. better use of Laggan's recognised strengths, history & heritage, our natural envirnoment; improve Village Amenity to cater for all ages and abilities; Marketing of Laggan as a "destination"; Safer Routes and Paths; additional Affordable Housing; Communication - e.g. diary of community events publicised on-line as well as in Community Newsletter; better use of Village Hall and much more. 

VABS have now published the actions and are assisting each group on deliverying their project.

Library folder shown here


The community council is the statutory elected local body tasked with consultation and engagement to and from the community on matters of interest relating to Highland Council (Planning and Licensing), Scottish Government (Roads and Transport) and the Emergency Services (NHS, Fire, Ambulance and Police)

The community council meeting generally meets on the third Monday of each month in Laggan Village Hall at 1830. An agenda is published 7 days in advance of each meeting. Representatives of Highland Council are also normally in attendance

Any member of the community who wishes to raise an item for discussion at the council meeting may contact the officers by e-mail noted below.

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