Laggan Community Council (Highland)


The next meeting of the Laggan Community Council will take place on Monday 22 July 2024 at Wolftrax from 18:30. The minutes from previous meetings are availabe below and the agenda will also be posted a few days ahead of the meeting.




Community Action Plan 2022 looking to 2030.

Community Action Plan - Survey Outcomes. Many thanks to all who completed the survey - around 70 people completed the survey and over 30 attended the recent drop in sessions. The VABS team were impressed by all the contributions, positive ideas and willingness to help.

VABS will provide the Community Council with their interim proposals prior to Christmas 2022 after which the CC expects to convene a community meeting to outline next steps - including how best to manage the future of SSE Community Benefit funds.

We are fortunate in our village to have access to windfarm community benefit funds from SSE for the next 22 years, of significant value both now and into the future. So it’s really important that all members of the community have a genuine and clear voice in deciding how these funds should be managed and spent over the coming years.

Community Action Plan 2019 - details are in a document below. Updates on each project will be published when available. 

If anyone is interested in progressing the projects please contact who will be happy to pass on details to the specific project team.

Library folder shown here


The community council is the statutory elected local body tasked with consultation and engagement to and from the community on matters of interest relating to Highland Council (Planning and Licensing), Scottish Government (Roads and Transport) and the Emergency Services (NHS, Fire, Ambulance and Police)

The community council meeting normally meets on the third Monday of each month. An agenda is published 7 days in advance of each meeting. Representatives of Highland Council are also normally in attendance

Any member of the community who wishes to raise an item for discussion at the council meeting may contact the officers by e-mail noted below.

Contact details: or or