Laggan Community Housing Ltd

An amateur draftsman's impression of what a new housing layout may look like at the picnic site area in Laggan village is now posted below. Any comments and anyone wishing any more details should contact Sheena Slimon (secretary) or Angus Macpherson (chair).

The Cairngorms National Park Authority have accepted in principle the idea of building in the picnic site and are assisting in taking the feasibility study forward.


T: 01528 544722E:

Laggan Community Housing Ltd (formerly Laggan Community Trading Ltd established in 1984) was formed in 2020 under the rules of the Registrar of Friendly Societies. It is a shareholder co-operative presently with 147 shareholders - who are based locally, are past residents and friends of Laggan.  The Management Committee are elected by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

LCH's main activities centres on the provision of accommodation in the area - specifically the ownership of 6 of the 12 former Forestry properties at Strathmashie. At present, these are managed  by Highland Council, with the 6 properties tenanted.

LCH is presently investigating the possibility of building a further 4 or 5 houses in Laggan, perhaps continuing the line of the Albyn houses at Gergask Avenue.

This project is being facilitated by the Communities Housing Trust, who have carried out a local survey at the end of 2019. This was very useful and now a wider survey of neighbouring communities was completed in late March 2020. 

The outcome of the survey, as notified at the AGM, was to explore the feasibility of building properties to rent or rent to buy in the picnic site/playground area of the village.