To many tourists Highland Villages such as Laggan are merely signposts on the road to somewhere else. A touch on the brake, a quick and perhaps admiring glance at the vista of mountain and river and off they go. Each summer whole bus loads, seemingly all elderly folk pass through, their eyes glazed and sated with scenery. They stir occasionally as the driver points out a glimpse of Cluny Castle through the trees or Cluny's Monument on Carn Dearg. They know little of the lives and struggles of the successive generations that lived here and despite the harsh climate made Laggan the beautiful green place it is today. The countryside has become anonymous to them and many others. Perhaps they and the many who are new to the area, would like to have a more detailed background knowledge of the area. The intention then is to bring together from various sources and hopefully in readable form, information about the past and present. For those who would like to know even more, a list of useful books and information sources is given in the appendix.

This book covers a wide local spectrum under forty five different headings from Archaeology, Geology, History, Agriculture, to Folk Lore and even Hunting for Treasure.

Compiled and written by Dr Ian Richardson

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