Laggan's Legacy

Laggan's Legacy is a personal history of a Highland community, written by its people. The book is dedicated to the people of Laggan, past and present, who have made it possible. It has been compiled from the personal memories of its contributors, supplemented by documentary sources, where available. There are often anecdotes about well known "characters" and events in the community.

Laggan is set in the centre of the Scottish Highlands. It is in an area of exceptional natural beauty, of mountain and moorland, glens, rivers and forests. The flora of the area is quite remarkable with orchids, gentians, white heather and alpine azalea to name but a few. The flowers, together with the birds of the area, the wild life, and the challenge of the hills make it a very popular area with visitors who want to recharge their batteries and "get away from it all".

For the people of Laggan it is all these things and more. It is where they live and work. Thanks to modern communication systems it is not isolated from the 21st century yet it has a quality of life which is rare and perhaps taken a little for granted by its residents.

In 1801 the population was 1333, in 1901 (when there was a change of boundaries) it was 738, in 1991 it was 189, in 2001 it will be just over 200. The population is growing again thanks to local inward investment and the initiatives taken by the community themselves e.g. Laggan Community Association, Laggan Community Trading, the Laggan Forest Trust and the local housing incentives. This together with a lively social life centred around the Village Hall makes Laggan what is it today.

This book is a testament to this energy, enthusiasm and hard work. It has been written by the people of Laggan, both past and present, about life in Laggan as it was and is. It is a personal memoir of those who have contributed, it is often thought provoking, funny and at times sad but it is a personal perception of life, the homes and the characters of the Community.

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