Stells Stools Strupag

A personal reminiscence of sheep, shepherding, farming and the social activities of a Highland Parish

Written by local farmer,  Campbell Slimon

Stells (the sheep shelter), Stools (the stools shepherds used when shearing the sheep), Strupag (a fill up of tea or spirits at the sheep clippings) is an interesting and informative collection of photographs and stories giving an insight into the work and social life of a Highland community where sheep and shepherding play a vital role in the local economy.  It also creates a record of the changes in rural life over the past 200 years and the inter-relationship between the farming community and other local businesses and the natural elements.  Many of these structures both social and physical are rapidly disappearing from the Highland environment and their inclusion in this book creates and permanent written and visual record for future generations.  The impetus for writing the book was the realisation that fanks, stells, shepherd’s cottages and other related structures in the parish are rapidly falling into disuse and the thought that within very few years memories of their use and importance to the rural economy would also disappear.

Laggan Heritage, who published the book, acknowledge support from Cairngorms Leader + and Cairngorms National Park Authority without whose help this record would not have been possible.

It is an enjoyable and insightful read with interesting stories, characters and events.

Any surplus from the sale of the book will go towards funding future community heritage projects

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